August 26, 2010

In conjunction with YOG this august, Noise has done a showcase, displaying youth artistic vibe and energy in singapore, and I’m more than honored to be chosen as a commissioned designer for the showcase this time. Participated in 3 different areas this time round:

Firstly is the first project that was commissioned, Illustrations on 10 glass bottles that ultimately was made into a hanging lit-up mobile for the Noise House in Changi Airport Terminal 3. The work is titled “Random quotes to do with light”, entirely random as the title says, and since I am always typographically driven, these quotes serve to be the very inspiration themselves.

Illustrations and close-ups of the bottles will be found in the illustrations tab, whereas on-site documentation and rest of the close-ups will be found in commercial tab.

i personally love process shots! these bottles were done on the night/morning of FIFA WORLDCUP2010, when the bottles were done, spain has just won and I’m glad soccer accompanied me all night to finish this project off! that was one tiring sleepless night.

Secondly, was further commissioned afterwards to illustrate a 2m x 6m panel for the front of the Noise House which was ultimately placed at the one at Ion Orchard. Illustration will be found in the illustration tab, on-site documentation will be found in commercial.

Thirdly, is the same work being displayed on busstops after request from NAC. Images from on-site will be found in commercial, there were 2 busstops altogther.

ultimately, this is probably the second time that i have publicly showcased my work and first time then it has been placed extensively in separate places. first time exposure for me and thought it was a great start to more to come! gathered awesome feedback from the organisers at the Changi Airport about people who wanted to buy my works, and even contacts of people who wanted to hold an exhibition for them! such an encouragement, and be sure, that it is definitely not the last you’ll seen ellustrate blasting her works in public with a BANG!