March 16, 2010

in my publications class now, my team and i have been working on coming out with a magazine for our Design school, ADM. and hence in the beginning phase of this publications assignment, I’ve come across some really interesting publications that will intrigue and open ones visual horizon so here’s a few,

visual eyecandy for all of you.

Harper’s Pop-up Book

A pop-up book that was art-directed by Benja Harney, and engineered by Harper’s Bazaar Australia. It’s something interesting that they have done out of their publications series and I thought it was interesting of implementing pop-up into a magazine like Harper’s.

here’s the book from Flickr on how the book opens up!


and here are some more magazine layout which i thought were quite good and inspirational. different treatments of space, different style and different looks that are distinctive and good.

RED HOT in Lisbon

FILE magazine

Oscar Wilde Retrospective

Real Dutch Design Books



Digital Temple


more than eyecandy.

January 16, 2010

was discussing a project regarding modernday issues with a friend recently, and the conversation led me into digging out an old passage which i scanned out for keeps seek, in the case of any instances like this where i chance upon it again and get reminded of what is it to design.

a manifesto by stefan sagmeister,

“i am mostly concerned with design that has the ability to touch the veiwer’s heart. we see so much professionally done and well executed graphic design around us, beautifully illustrated and masterfully photographed, nevertheless, almost all of it leaves me cold. there is just so much fluff: well produced, tongue-in-cheek, pretty fluff. nothing that moves you, nothing to think about, some is informing but still all fluff, i think the main reason for all this fluff is that most designers dont believe in anything. we are not much into politics, or into religion, have no stand on any important issue, when your conscience is so flexible, how can you do strong design? I’ve seen movies that moved me, read books that changed my outlook on things and listened to numerous pieces of music that influenced my mood. our goal for the future will be to touch somebody’s heart with design

ofcourse, it’s such an idealistic standpoint. but personally, a good reminder for me, as i feel that it’s so important to create meaningful graphics and designs and not just empty visuals.