i’ve just updated my portfolio by creating a new catagory!


here is a collection of my handmade craft, books i made, packaging boxes constructed for projects, and things done by hands. do go check it out!!

also updated my photography tab by loading up some photos taken from trip to genting last hols!

more updates more lobangs,

i just settled my freelance with YCH group on their CNY Card design, will upload them soon once I receive the card delivered from them (: also, will be starting a freelance/project collaboration with someone who is setting up a shoe blogshop. she emailed me asking if im interesting in some shoe illustrations, sketching and photography which sounds really interesting so i took it! and i got another job in designing brochure for an upcoming dance concert which sounds exciting and TIDEOUS.

sometimes i dont understand why do i keep on accepting jobs that comes my way when school’s getting way too busy!!! maybe like what prof joe said, “it’s not that we’re so money-minded but time is money! and we need to feed our ricebowl!” agreed. and i’ll pull through i hope. HAHA (:

till then, continue to inspire, design and illustrate! peace.


after all the rushing of final projects for the sem, it was time to take a nice break in the december hols. but sorry for the delay in uploading my final projects. it just shows that i’ve been using my time very thoroughly to play and relax before the nx sems comes threatening again.

my final projects for graphic design and typography is uploaded in my graphics tab.

updated my illustration tab with some past work i forgot to put in.

updated my resumé with my latest cgpa too, not much of a difference actually.

and currently i’m helping a company design their CNY card, and flash, job i got from a goodfriend. and just did a mural painting with some friends as well, and did a small christmas proj/gift for my churchfriends (which i will upload SOON) and thats pretty much all the designing i’ve been doing this hols.