and i believe ive always had this secret interest in photography. so here are some of my shots and what i see through my lens. travel, and shoot.

photographer and lens

home view

this is what i wake up to almost everyday at my place in sunsetway! no post-production involved, i swear. actual colours of the sky!

on cloud nine

some photos taken on my family trip up to genting last christmas! the clouds, the scenery was mystifying, literally “misty”fying, and enchanting as well. was a great trip to just relax and shot some photos.

it was a blast!


first experience doing traditional darkroom and printing. was an enjoyable process in general, rather therapeutic in the darkroom, being just cut away from the outside world, save the fixer small but a very enriching process ultimately and would love to continue doing blackandwhite whilst have the time in the future.

Final b&w Series

is part of a photo documentary of a fishing village off in an indonesian island which i go once a month to teach the kids english. overtime, the place started to become something i treasure very much and i decided to capture them all as memories, and what better then in black&white photography.

the old french embassy

got a chance to venture into the decaying walls, aged wooden frames of the old french embassy building and as i stepped into the place, it was taken over by nature’s creepy roots and crawling moss but still holding its dominant beauty. really loved the place, each and every decaying corner of it.

wooden frames

white fallen flower


runaway train never coming back

photos taken from a nearby old railway track. it’s fragile frame and structure, yet still standing tall and strong, it’s black steel structure against the pale blue skies.




balai: a fishing village which i’ve come to love

brought my d90 and nikkor 50mm lens to balai for the first time and found the whole reason of getting that camera. me and my church friends go to this small indo island called balai once every month to teach the kids english and take the chance to share God’s love to them. those shot capture their life, simple and beautiful as they are.

uli and brother

mother and child


shaky jetty



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