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January 16, 2010

was discussing a project regarding modernday issues with a friend recently, and the conversation led me into digging out an old passage which i scanned out for keeps seek, in the case of any instances like this where i chance upon it again and get reminded of what is it to design.

a manifesto by stefan sagmeister,

“i am mostly concerned with design that has the ability to touch the veiwer’s heart. we see so much professionally done and well executed graphic design around us, beautifully illustrated and masterfully photographed, nevertheless, almost all of it leaves me cold. there is just so much fluff: well produced, tongue-in-cheek, pretty fluff. nothing that moves you, nothing to think about, some is informing but still all fluff, i think the main reason for all this fluff is that most designers dont believe in anything. we are not much into politics, or into religion, have no stand on any important issue, when your conscience is so flexible, how can you do strong design? I’ve seen movies that moved me, read books that changed my outlook on things and listened to numerous pieces of music that influenced my mood. our goal for the future will be to touch somebody’s heart with design

ofcourse, it’s such an idealistic standpoint. but personally, a good reminder for me, as i feel that it’s so important to create meaningful graphics and designs and not just empty visuals.


after all the rushing of final projects for the sem, it was time to take a nice break in the december hols. but sorry for the delay in uploading my final projects. it just shows that i’ve been using my time very thoroughly to play and relax before the nx sems comes threatening again.

my final projects for graphic design and typography is uploaded in my graphics tab.

updated my illustration tab with some past work i forgot to put in.

updated my resumé with my latest cgpa too, not much of a difference actually.

and currently i’m helping a company design their CNY card, and flash, job i got from a goodfriend. and just did a mural painting with some friends as well, and did a small christmas proj/gift for my churchfriends (which i will upload SOON) and thats pretty much all the designing i’ve been doing this hols.

pinkrangerpower and intuos4

November 21, 2009

Had a recent submission for my Digital Painting module under Martin Constable. (check out his website when clicking on his name) Our final assignment was about painting yourself with an alter ego or a superhero that you dream of becoming, and for me, it’s definitely, pink ranger!

Been dreaming about being kimberly since young and going uber crazy over that little pink superhero.

And so here is the process that I have documented down from my photoshoot to my subsequent digital composition which I did after that, then going into painting that whole piece out, from blocks of ink and general painting, getting the shades and highlights, into details, and then colour corrections, with the painting in of her emblem, and more twigging and working on general outlook and details,

Final outlook and details uploaded in the graphics tab.


November 21, 2009


Have been impossibly busy with submissions that there is hardly enough time to post all of the submitted works thus far here. I’ve uploaded recent works from my Photo Imaging (Black and white photography) module, final 15 fiber-based prints.

And irresistably bounded them all into a book using piano hinge bind. However, it was quite a painful process because of the mistake I made in choosing the wrong paper to bind, ie, hard 200gsm paper so it was really hard to fold and bound, and got bloody fingernails as a result of pressing repetitively on the paper too much : (

But ultimately, it’s done.


ADM just invited Alexandre Wollner to come to give us two days of lecture on visual communications.


Alexandre Wollner is a Brazilian designer whose training began as of
1950/53 at the Instituto de Arte Contemporâneo (Contemporary Art
Institute) of the Museu de Arte de São Paulo under professors Pietro
Maria and Lina Bo Bardi, Jacob Rutchi, Leopoldo Haar, Roberto
Sambonet, and Flávio Motta, among others.
Wollner has previously attended the Hochschule für Gestaltung (Ulm
School of Design), which focuses on design in the Bauhaus radition. He
continued on to study under Max Bill, Otl Aicher, Tomas Maldonado,
Josef Albers, Johannes Itten, and Anthony Froshaug.

After setting up the first design office in Brazil in 1958, Forminform, he
went on to become one of the founding fathers of Brazil’s first school
of design – ESDI (Higher School of Industrial Design) in the 1960s.

Since 1962, Wollner has been professionally designing design systems
for companies like Itau Bank, Philco, MAC Contemporary Art Museum,
Hering Textiles, Klabin Paper, Argos Industrial, Varig, Metal Level,
Cofap and Infoglobo at his own office – Wollnersigno. Apart from
designing, he also lectures regularly all around the world.

One can say that he is almost like the grandfather of graphic design in Brazil and definately one of the design legends. He showed us his Corporate designs where he designed for big names in Brazil and how he used the fibonacci sequence to create a GRID or a SYSTEM that helps him create his angles, strokes and lines. Through “modulations” as what he likes to call it, to then determine his kerning, his layout, and even the layout of the signboard up on the front of building.

Alexandre Wollner

one of the many examples he showed on how he crafted the logo according to a 4×4 grid here and the modulations via fibonacci. Vera Cruz is a Brazilian school. He also talked about design and colour for this. His type set for logo is flawless!



the fibonacci sequence is an infinite modulation with a formula which numerically spells, “1,1,2,3,5,8,13…” and this sequence exist from as small as in the nautilus shell to as big as the form of the galaxy, existing on our body itself. you can say that everything on earth has a natural fibonacci sequence. the A series of paper size is based on fibonacci as well and hence that is why layout HAS to be based on GRID and FIBONACCI as well because then you’re continuing the sequence and breaking it further on the page.

His lecture was truly enriching as he showed us his numerous sequence and amazing layout grids and systems. It was almost insane to see the calculations behind each logo, each letterhead, layout. We are never more convinced on how the grid can do and help to make designs look so controlled and pleasing. (Nanci was like, “you see! you see how the grid is so useful now!”).

I cannot find the images to his arabic compositions and graphics but that what I was most inspired by. Creating graphics out of grid and system, resulting in graphics that has a meaning, a purpose behind instead of how we try to create graphics out of our heads and then not understand why does it look so bad! Definitely an inspiration, especially when my Branding Project now is also based on a Grid system which I created.


he talked about the type design that comes with the Corporate design. awesome.


and behind every logo is research on the product, the company then the concept. IMPORTANT.

but he said that good design is derived from at least 9months of work………… we need to ask for an extension for our projects already. HAHA (Nanci and her nervous look when I shot that question and Wollner answered 9months)

and he showed us how to handle when it comes to presentation to client.

“Leave them no room to say No about your design. Not like, my wife does not like green” -Wollner

and guess what, I got to talk to him about his grid system during tea session! AMAZING STUFF. Looking forward to his workshop next week!


October 31, 2009

this is ellustrate, and here’s my portfolio webpage.


about – just me and myself

graphics – my graphic designs, visual communication assignments

illustrations – my personal works and illustrations

photography – sharing what i shoot through my lens.

fine art – back to the traditional mediums, paintings and sketches

commercial – some of my freelance and commercial works

contact me – how you can find me


feel free to look at my works and give constructive comments, thanks

will be uploading some inspirational works here once in a while to just get those visual juices flowing. for now, just to share a 2-d animation which was shown to me by a good friend. watch this and you’ll die happy because they are insane. enjoy.

watch part 2 as well.