i love to illustrate, illustrating, and will always be doodling. my pens are my tools and with them, to draw and create my own personal illustration and style. my illustrations are mostly typographic because of my love for type and words that means to me. my inspiration comes from famous illustrator, Si Scott and his circular swirls and lines. i fell in love with his obssession with the ornate and eye for detail and from there, derived my own style. enjoy.


coming soon.

a random poster for my up and coming project: FYP O.O

OIC Anniversary Rollcall!

Here are my illustration entries submitted for their rollcall early august! these works were produced and belong solely to OIC (Organisation of Illustrators Council) submissions and will not and should not appear anywhere else!


2m x 6m illustration panel featured at Ion Orchard. Titled “Made some noise!” that is all about the familiar noise and sounds that we typical singaporeans hear in our community. my literal interpretation of Noise Singapore I supposed.

10 illustrated glass bottles forming a hanging-lit-mobile at the Noise House in Changi Airport that received a heap load of great feedback from locals and tourists, that the organisers and volunteers at the venue was so thrilled to have finally met the designer of the bottles. pity there was no contacts with my work. Here’s “random quotes to do with light”


Gradbash this year was held at J’Dee Thai Disco, and it has a theme of essentially Thai, with the idea of being promiscuous, naughty and “playboy” so I came up with an elephant illustration with my style, inspired by Si Scott, adding on to the feel of Thai and Disco. and controversially this poster received quite a big hype of it being obscene, and well, slightly erotic if you see it from a certain angle. one of my first controversial illustrations, which well you can say, fit to the theme. Designed the logo as well


was part of the ACRES project for animal conservation but this one didnt pass so i just post it up since im doing a second one (:

the year of the tiger

happy cny everyone! illustrated in the spirit of the new year. will try to do one with valentine’s day combined. anyways, huat ah!

cats and dogs

inspired by a really rainy day!


this is the truth, and will always be, in our blood.

snow leopard

illustration - snowleopard

an illustration i did for Noise Singapore ’09 and it is titled “snow leopard – we all saw it coming”


another illustration for Noise. this is just me, myself and i and everything that’s me.

illustration - me

a random statement from the past. thought it was nice to illustrate.



something random. supposed to be my logo which i didnt use in the end.

my first version of a logo


it was my friend’s birthday and i did not know what to do so i drew! jian’an! the crazy dynamic person that you are!


kids are our business

for my friend’s school’s tshirt design competition.


when happens when el turns 21?

for my twentyfirst party.

what happens when el turns 21?

self-portrait – a pencil work, talk about idealism.

selfportrait - a pencil work

it’s beautiful but it pricks.


my first ever official illustration work!

gems gallery – character illustration for illustration class.

a project where we used the cultures from a particular country to influence our illustrations and mine for Thailand, which i went on to illustrate for a Thai jewellery store, gems gallery.

gems gallery poster

final postcards with sewn on ornaments.

gems gallery postcard



genesis – a creation story

another illustration assignment to make a storybook, so i illustrated the biblical story about creation, to glorify what God has done in the beginning. He’s the true artist of all who painted the universe and He holds my creativity and drive as well.







9 Responses to “illustrations”

  1. peeezac said

    Beautiful!! (:

  2. xinglong said

    omgs! you have a talent for art. haha. zai zai!

  3. xinglong said

    haha. that was eons ago! now cui already. lol.

    okays! are you giving art-services or something?

  4. julie said

    nice work! like it. and i was from adm4christ too 🙂

  5. Oza said

    Damn This is really good! I love the way your typography and illustrations are collided. Really nice nice nice stuff! 🙂

  6. ellustrate said

    thanks! will continue doodling for a really really long time! 😀

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