there’s no shortcut to mastering craft skills. it is a learning process of making mistakes, tearing your nice fancy paper, making bad knife cuts, doing sloppy binding before you start to get smarter and know a clear mind is needed for clean cut lines and flawless binding spines.

here is a collection of my handmade craft, books i made, packaging boxes constructed for projects, and things done by hands.

malaytoys packaging

here’s a work-in-progress for a packaging assignment. I will be packaging traditional malay toys and to make the packaging effective, sustaintable and attractive to kids, I designed them in the form of figurines, according to the different races in Singapore, all contructed from skretch and still undergoing twigging and slight changes. and in order to make it sustainable, it can be flipped the other way round and used as pencil holder and boxes for a second degree of functionality.

this is what my prof loved the most, the undies at the bottom. LOLs.

LAHcampaign –books, accessories, bags

Here are some of the handmade environmental, sustainable products that we made from the project. books were made out of tickettabs, and sewn with machine. Books were made by bryan.

these packages are made to store our jewelery at their point of purchase, silk-screened by bryan.

did all the accessories out of scrap and recycled materials of beer caps, bottle caps and buttons, reusing them to make sustainable jewelery.

BOOKLAH is a publication that runs with the concept of an IdeaBook where we placed in many issues, phrases and concerns relating to Singaporeans, Singlish and our culture. it serves as a platform where by Singaporean can be reminded of issues in society and challenged to critique and react to these concerns. Book is designed and compiled by my friend, shaoning.

100% my inner skin, branding and packaging

one of my graphic design branding projects. the brief and concept is posted in the graphics tab. here are the packaging shots.

a children’s tale

this was a bilingual book done based on a traditional fable, 井底之蛙, (The Frog in the Well) the exploration is typographic with the idea of a well throughout the pages and the action of looking into the well, piling layer by layer, playing the the space on the page and in between the pages. and at the end, going deeper and deeper and finally seeing the frog sitting at the end.

critical writing journal

a journal needed for critical writing exercise during graphic design. i went on the more handmade look to show the rough process of gathering inspiration. merging handmade with digital.

gemsgallery, character illustration

after illustrating the character, the brief included the production of an invitation, and a packaging for a souvenir. here are the postcards, and jewellery box.

genesis, an illustrative book

a book purely illustrated telling the biblical creation story. my prof told me to just hand up my sketchbook for final but i thought of just doing a book, JUST IN CASE.

western film history journal

took westernfilm as a history module due to my peculiar interest in film. because making a journal was part of the module, i decided to make my journal book. the professor really liked it so that’s a good thing!

bauhaus exhibition proposal

for the history of graphic design module, we were given a specific zeitgiest and upon research, to be inspired and design an exhibition in Singapore about that particular genre. being assigned with Bauhaus, i came up with an exhibition with a “schooling” theme since Bauhaus was a famous german school that changed german design history.


a box was designed to packaging the pages of my “grey” project. since my project was related to ants as “N” running across the page, the box was designed to suit the overall mood.


i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart). this is a haiku book with experimentation on the type of the haiku chosen. playing with layout, with type and size.

letter journal for N

a alphabet was given to us for the semester and during the sem, we were supposed to discover, to research, to experiment and experience the alphabet, and my alphabet is N. here is the journal compiled at the end.



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