the (  )* space – a graphicdesign dictionary project

the project was to come up with a list of words that defines you as an individual like a dictionary. ofcourse the medium and the outcome of the project can vary widely from publication to installation. i involved 104 of my friends and family to come up with the words for me and decided to create a self-defining space that reflects my character of being very dynamic, loud, energetic and bombastic, packing up energy in the form of illustrations into a small space which pretty much sums me up.

the space took 3–4 full days to complete, the illustration is quite spontaneous, unplanned and improvised along the way.

the logo for the project speaks of the * notation which i knew from chemistry back in the sec sch days was used to notate any chemical substance that was in excited state. hence used to symbolize the excitement in the project and the brackets defining the spacial aspect of it.

a1 posters placed in the space which also encompass the idea of “Getting Infected” which was inspired by one of the words, “infectious” gunning on my nature of making people feel happy and bubbly whenever im around, and as the audience comes into the space, they are allowed to have fun, blowing bubbles, eating and laughing and getting infected with joyous feelings. here the invitation design and people who have participated and came in!

when the installation was complete, the project was being presented at our viscomm exhibition where the space was being translated there. photo journals were also done to chart down the whole process/journey which was rather memorable/enriching.

findingpolaris – a graphicdesign systems project

The project brief encompasses a study and research into a particular system in life. my exploration was with stellar system and constellation map and then constructing my own internal universe. how it worked was to write everyone in my life, relating them to a certain star type and then plotting them out in a system whereby I’m on the pivotal center in relation to them according to emotional proximity. from there, to group them up into smaller groups which i later termed as “star clusters” and then forming constellations and naming them, and then attaching an image to each constellation.

385 stars,

25 constellations,

25 illustrations,

4 star clusters,

1 universe.

The logo was inspired by the long-exposure time lapse photograph taken of the north star, Polaris, since it is circumpolar, its central position directly on top of the sky allows it to keep its position whereas the other stars revolve and travel on its path.

Back in the ancient days, travellers used Polaris as a crucial navigation reference because of its dorment position and my very action of going back to the stars, studying it and finding my navigation in life traces me back and hence giving name to the project, findingpolaris.

the was a journey of self-discovery about the self, the people, relationships, connections, time and life.

the exploration: plotting everyone onto a stellar system according to emotional proximity

tracing their positions and grouping them up into constellations.

re-working and reviewing of each constellation and attaching to them, meaning and an image.

the illustration for the constellation, in this instance it is Queen Esther from the bible for her nobility and courage, for the MGS Constellation of my secondary school classmates.

Presentation day!

small booklets for each constellation that has details on the individual stars, their information and then write-up of its deeper meaning.

accompanying cards that comes with the exhibition for people to take it, see it, and remember it.

findingpolaris and me ((:

a great project, too bad there was no time to fully complete it but i had fun! (:

LAHcampaign – a graphicdesign issues project

In this project, we had to address a certain issue that we are concerned about in a society and to then propose a campaign in reaction to it. in my group of three, we addressed issues regarding environmentalism, design literacy in society and design for a social cause. hence we planned a campaign in the context of Singlish, as the identity of Singapore. using Singlish as part of our visual outlook, we produced posters, books, accessories, fabric products out of recycled and waste products. these items would be produced as part of the campaign, and sold in a “pasam malam” style which Singaporeans can identify to.

the whole pasam malam look during presentation day.

posters for the campaign

a proj by me and my friends, bryangelo and shaoning. great team! 赢了咯!

ellustrate – letterhead, namecard, envelope

production finishing

we had to produce our own stationery set for ourselves or any company and i decided to do one for my own design brand. the look is illustrative, hand-drawn and purely visually reflecting my style and my stroke. yet to maintain it clean, sleek, feminine in a way.

since my tagline is “let drawing be an addiction” i worked with the idea of drugs and medicine, associated to addiction, and so for my namecards, information is laid out like that on a medicine sticker tag. and so my logo resembles a pill and also an “e”.

100%, my inner skin

a graphic design branding project

this project is branding for my own line of black and white underwear for teens ages 17-21. the brand is named 100%, tagline as my inner skin, to show the idea of being 100% you, a whole perfect satisfying number where the underwear become the skin within that represent your inner identity and you within. hence the concept of inner personality, individuality as part of the brand. the idea of looking in, within. leaving the brand open for the audience’s imagination and idea.

and together with the brand, a typeface specific for 100% is created to strengthen its image. and a grid is made, to be used to its fullest imaginative potential for  playing with patterns, motifs, designs and layout. also complete with its packaging, media developments, and final display during our exhibition.

type design: dancingspaces

is a typeface I’ve designed for typeIII class. my typeface is specifically a lowercase san serif type. its application is as to be used as a display type for a contemporary dance magazine. the typeface is meant to display qualities of movement, dynamism, energy. it is named dancingspaces because just as the typeface moves across the page, the negative space also dance along complementing the positive.

(ab0ve) dancingspaces and its pangram exhibited at our viscomm show 09

(below) dance application on magazine

another part of the project is to put the type onto textile, on shirts, here the type is blown up, as in dance shirts, and then also duplicated to form arabic motifs.

pinkranger!  a digital painting

I survived Martin’s digital painting module! was really enriching to me, and I indeed learnt alot on photoshop, blend modes, channels, layers, masking, clamping, clipping, painting, compositing. it’s a great deal, and every painting class, Martin never ceased to crack us up in laughter or slight grins everytime when he curses photoshop, the very tool he’s so good at! he’s a crazy, psychotic yet wonderful professor!!!



a random experimentation with type, trying to fuse type with dance. credit to my photographer and good friend, jialiang. it was great fun, though tiring.

Physical type installation – MAI BUANG

"O! LIFE" actual type installation (aerial view)

part of our typography assignment on physical type. “Mai Buang” is an installation where we went around the HDBs in Singapore to collect unwanted furniture disposed by people, to perform refurbishing and using them to form a type installation to once again remind people of the ways they dispose things, to a call for rethinking first before judging something as trash.

Minimal II

faces of type...

Minimal II is a type assignment that draws upon the action of deconstructing a type, and discovering the minimal strutures and elements that defines a letter and pushing and pulling along the lines of legibility. I’ve reduced the letterform to just show its serifs and some strokes. pls try to read the phrase and see what you get out of it!



one of my digital painting assignments on masking and digital composition and integration. now have you seen anyone of these things in the water before?

slow dancing in a burning room

slowdancing in a burning room

another digital painting assignment where we were asked to just create anything interest so I touched on the literal meaning of the lyric from jon mayer’s song, “slowdancing in a burning room”

MUJI Poster – Graphic design assignment on branding research

MUJI poster

Muji all posters

this was an graphic design assignment where we researched upon a brand and touch on their branding strategy to produce a series of deliverables. and for my own brand, MUJI, i came up with a series of poster that exercise simplicity.
simple is more.

and ive learnt to appreciate and embrace the simple and realise its beauty. behind every poster, the page turns into an origami sheet that then folds into the object on the poster front.

舞台 / centrestage – a bilingual magazine

舞台, a type and bilingual publication

part of a bilingual publication assignment. in this, i’ve created my own asian dance publication magazine, 舞台/ centrestage. playing with the layout of chinese text with english text, the flow of words vertical and horizontal and the treatment of space.

content page



Creative manifesto

This assignment was to design our locker, and in the process voicing out our manifesto. and mine was that as graphic designers, sometimes we forget the fundamentals of design and it’s a reminder to all to always remember the pencil and to always draw and start rough and to not forget the pencil as we make friends with mac and adobe.

YOG Logo and Icons

YOG logo v1

part of a graphic design assignment on icons and logo and we were asked to design the logo for the upcoming Singapore Youth Olympics (YOG) and so i drew on the idea of energy, dynamism of youth and the application of watercolour and the organic in a logo.

Night youth olympics

a parody i made from my YOG assignment. since it was during the hype of Singapore’s first F1 NIGHT RACE, i did a poster for the first night olympics! (it was a side comment from my profs so i just went ahead with it)

“the way of asian design” – typographic poster

the way of asian design

a typographic poster from a type assignment for an event. now, what is asian design? how do you visual define it? for this, ive used the type as image to trace out the lines of a gui ling or the mountains and ridges. type used are the description of the event itself.


a type project to give N a character and personality. so i project n like an “ant” and how it marches across the page, struggling to survive the splashes from the incoming rain. an animation that is fun and light-hearted.

a gift for two

a gift for two displayboard

a graphic design campaign on reviving the fading tradition of chinese wedding in singapore. “a gift for two” strives to bring forward the values from chinese weddings, where relationships are revisited between the couple and their family memebers, were weddings then are very personal, the campeign involves the idea of gift-giving, making personal wedding gifts to the couple through my gift-giving package.

smalldisplay 2

for the local audience.


for the foreign audience (a more traditional feel)

Think Creative, Think Playdoh


thinkcreative postcards

posters and postcards from a graphic design exercise about using a 5dollar project and using it to push a new graphic campaign. i used playdoh and used it to mould out famous historical art pieces, and did up a campaign for the Singapore Art Show by NAC to encourage Singapore to do art because even the most mundane everyday object can still be turned into works of art.



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