organisation and collaborators: Noise Singapore/ NAC

medium: illustration display panel, hanging mobile

organisation: NTU ADM Student club

medium: shirt, jacket wallpaper designs

helped the Orientation committee in the studentclub design shirts, jackets and computer wallpapers for their Freshmans Orientation Camp. They used “Left4Dead” a popular RPG game as the theme of their camp, with blood, gore, horror, death, and also the medical aspect as part of their visual vocab.

shirt design, an illustration

computer wallpapers

organisation: NTU Institute of Media Innovation

medium: display and exhibitional panels

spent one and a half month with IMI working on display for their cabinets. also collaborated with Wei Hao, my senior in ADM, to come out with brochure, folder and presskit for them as well.

display panels

side view

IDGT display




organisation: CAPSTONE Aluminium Pte Ltd

medium: Corporate Identity

Worked with CAPSTONE, which is a construction company. Used the idea of the Capstone, which is the cornerstone of any building construction, representing it using the dot at the upper corner and the cross for the construction element, and how the Capstone, in its humble corner starts to ascend upwards to great success in the future. Will post up their whole package soon.

Capstone logo

organisation: CTC Event

medium: Banner and Postcards for IECO’s Family Day



organisation: CJ Dance

medium: Shirt Design

A junior called me one day asking for a design for CJ Dance and decided to help them out, they wanted a graffiti graphic for their design.


organisation: TACMC

Logo design competition

120th Anniversary Logo


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