illustration - me

“let drawing be an addiction”

elena yeo, also known as ellustrate, started learning how to draw before even learning how to write. all the endless doodles and drawings on heaps and heaps of rough papers from young proved useful as she continued to develop her rendering skills and style till present. she started off her art education at a humble night art class at a nearby community centre before spending two years attending courses in NAFA (Nanyang academy school of fine arts) developing her linework and traditional water colouring. she took on art and design in secondary school and was awarded the “Art and Design Prize” for both upper secondary years as being the top art student in MGS. (Methodist Girls’ School).

despite the sudden stop in her art during the junior college days, she continued persuing what she felt was her drive and passion all along and got admitted into NTU School of Art, Design and Media. she is currently a 3rd year student, majoring in Visual Communications.

at present, her works comprised of graphic design, illustrations and a secret interest in photography. her favorites still lies in illustrations and illustrating and using her pens to create her own style of illustrations that is typographic, ornate, dynamic and very personal.


One Response to “about”

  1. eugenia tan said

    WOW,da jie its soo awesome 🙂 i rly like ur website!!!! 🙂

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