endless doodlin’

July 31, 2010

hello there!

it has been quite a while since i’ve posted here. here’s a quick update about what i’ve been up to.

Last week i wrapped up my Design Internship with Lucidity, a design house, and i must say that i enjoyed my time there and they do hold good standards of design there and it was an enriching and fulfilling 10weeks there having a taste of the design industry.

Once internship ended, I started to put all my focus on some of the outside projects which I have been working on, one big one with Noise Singapore. Recently I have been commissioned as a designer/illustrator for NOISE SHOWCASE 2010. Ofcourse, I cannot publish any of my works as yet as the project is still ongoing. Was happy to know that after being commissioned for the first project, the events company came back to me again asking if I would like to design another component of the showcase, and it wasn’t long before NAC comes asking if I could contribute my designs there as well. And these all have kept me busy ever since! HUGE PHOTOSHOP FILES IS REALLY KILLING MY MACBOOK BLACK AND PHOTOSHOP! Will post up images once my works are being showcased (tentatively early August – Oct) But here’s a SNEEK PEAK of the first commissioned work!

Also, I signed myself up for OIC 4th Anniversary roll-call! Saw it as a chance to really showcase my illustrators to the outside illustration circle and miraculously, even with the NOISE project breathing down my neck, I managed to submit 3 works in say, 2 days? I guess when it boils down to serious illustrations, I really make myself work fast and to my own standard. Sure was I glad that I made it in time for the submissions! Again, not very right to start posting the illustrations when is meant for OIC, shall post on a later date! but I WILL post them (:

Just did an illustrative poster for my school, ADM GradBash 2010 for our 2nd Graduating Batch and boy am i going to miss my seniors, seriously, they’ve been great korkor and jiejies to me, teaching me how to handle failed printers and spoilt connections and hanged softwares. and I

will them all the best! details up in illustration tab!

And I’m quite happy endlessly doodling and earning money for FYP! hahaa. which reminds me, more research! Also I have yet to post up my last-semester’s packaging and publication works. Shall do so when I feel hardworking and up to it.


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