habitual sleepless nights

February 22, 2010

just added in a few more projects and pieces in!


A campaign touching on issues concerning Singapore society. we strived to propose a campaign that comprised of a pasam malam selling sustainable products made by locals, with Singlish as our visual theme as we feel that we should embrace Singlish as our cultural identity.

check out the posters and visuals in graphics, books and handmade items in handmade.


posted up in the handmade section is my work-in-progress packaging of malay toys. I just did the 3rd member of this nice family, the indian little girl (: will try to get a shot and post it up soon but i’m really enjoying this packaging project now. am looking forward to the final results.

freelance wise, am starting to work on a publication/brochure for an upcoming dance concert. sounds nice.

and with the workload climbing insanely high, sleepless nights are getting more and more habitual. but we’ll all pull through in the end.


happy cny!

February 13, 2010

here’s el wishing everyone a happy chinese new year!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

uploaded a simple illustration for the festive season too in illustration tab.

some updates,

do go check my graphic design systems project blog, findingpolaris, it’s updated. also i’ve been helping out my adm senior who has graduated with her continued project and business now, the amazing art shuttle (link to their facebook) which is a children’s artclass programs so have been conducting art classes for them every week! i love kids so it’s been fun teaching them. i recalled how my very first art teacher used to teach me, and realised how important she was in the beginning of my somewhat artistic career in the future, and so it’s a responsibility but im glad to be part of the process for these kids (:

brochure project is pending now waiting for the chairman to get back to me. my shoe illustration is on hold too cause client is still sourcing for supplier. and got a new publication proj up and coming, collaborating with an admer too.

exciting and busy.

and continue to draw, inspire and make good design!

design process.

February 3, 2010

got this from jesvin’s page in edventure. design is a solution, the concept made tangible, but is it a straight line? will design always exist straight and focused?

a messy blur.

February 3, 2010

school gets more and more chaotic and start rolling up into one messy blur. but still life goes on and my working area starts to explode while churning up work. but anyways,

here are my updates

letterhead, namecard, print production for productionclass

details uploaded in graphics tab. also some random photos up on my photography tab.

also, findingpolaris is the tentative title of my system project for graphicdesign IV. im researching into the stellar system and constellation maps and relating it to systems and my life. so as part of my project, I’ve set up a blog to store all of my information, data, images, maps and chats. check it out here. (it’s still not filled up yet though)

and this is one work-in-progress that i’m quite excited about for my packaging class. and we just went to paperbag and singapore living exhibition yesterday. images uploaded soon! till then, make good design!